Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sheik Obama

Being a follower of the rule of KISS, here's a few words on my view of the Islamic Jihad and Obama's intentions.

It just hit me that Obama sees himself as the great unifier of the Islamic world. In other words: the Great Caliph; the leader of all Muslims; The Great Sheik Obama.

His socialism is merely a device to utilize the useful idiots of the left to weaken the United States for the ultimate Islamic takeover. This is not the first time a Muslim has allied with a secular entity, notably, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem allied with Hitler, providing several divisions of Muslim storm troopers.

What the left does not understand, and will not accept is that if a Muslim Caliphate comes to power, many of them will be killed by their new masters. Islam, when it has the power, does not tolerate homosexuality, atheism or communism any more that it tolerates Christians and Jews, or anything else. Subjugation is total.

All of Obama's posturing and fawning before the Islamic world is his way of dumbing down and preparing the American people to accept a tidal wave of Islamic immigration and global expansion. His determined drive to betray Israel to the Arabs is just the first step in his quest to be Grand Caliph. His de facto acceptance of a nuclear Iran further verifies his intent to overthrow Western civilization.

I believe that if Obama stepped before a microphone and declared himself a Muslim, there would be a global unification and rising up of Muslims attacking non-Muslims.

For those who think that life under Islam as a dhimmi might not be so bad, well, I guess for you, slavery is a natural state. But consider that it will be the most violent Muslims who will be in power, not the so called moderates. It is the raving fanatics like the Taliban or al Qaeda or Iranian mullahs who will be in charge.

But slavery is not the natural state for the vast majority of Americans.

The vast majority of Americans do understand and appreciate that they enjoy the most freedom and best standard of living in the world, and are prepared to defend it. As in every other attack against us, the American people will unite and defeat the Islamic scourge that is sweeping the globe.

It is better to die on one's feet than to live on one's knees.

Where will you be when the Jihad hits the street?