Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ottawa cabbie ‘pleases’ passenger with a ‘friendly’ kiss

This is another example of a Muslim blaming his victim for his despicable actions against a woman. This all flows from the Islamic disdain and contempt for women. From an Islamic perspective, all women are fair game for Muslim men's "uncontrollable urges" because they are only following the example of the arch rapist Mohammed.


Ottawa cabbie ‘pleases’ passenger with a ‘friendly’ kiss

By Grace
August 4, 2009
From the Ottawa Citizen

An Ottawa taxi driver who was found guilty of sexual assault in May is to appear in court this month for sentencing. Assistant Crown attorney John Ramsay argues that Hassan Jabar Majli ‘ abused a position of trust when he took advantage of a female passenger in June, 2007. The unidentified victim has testified that the driver, upon dropping her at her destination, followed her into the apartment block, grabbed and kissed her as she tried to get into the elevator. She also testified that Majli put his hands up her skirt and digitally penetrated her as she tried to flee through a stairway.

Majli testified that he believed the woman had asked for a kiss and said he ‘offered’ her a ‘friendly’ kiss when he became worried she would complain to her boss that he didn’t ” please her”. Alan Brass, Majli’s lawyer argued that the cabbie, a married man with a young son, has led a respectable life since arriving in Canada from Kuwait. Majli maintains his innocence. He is to be sentenced August 18.