Monday, October 12, 2009

Another Muslim immigrant, a man with a common law wife and three childrenwho has licved in Italy for years has attacked the country that gave him shelter and a safe, free way of life.  His thanks to Italy was to try to bomb a  military installation.  Fortunately, he was the only one hurt seriously. 

Unfortunately, Italian MP and chief of the Italian lower house of parliament's national security committee, Francesco Rutelli claims that this attack was an "isolated act".  It's a sad state of affairs when a man charged with the defense of Italy does not understand that Muslim attacks are NEVER isolated acts, but part of a concerted effort to impose Sharia law on all of humanity.  All such acts are because of the absolute command by Mohammed that all Muslims must do their best to spread Sharia over the world.  Mr. Rutelli is not the only Western politician who does not yet accept that Islam is on the offensive against Western society.  Most Western politicians are of his misguided and dangerous opinion.


Italy: Attempted terror attack against army barracks injures soldier

Milan, 12 October (AKI) - An Italian soldier was injured on Monday after a Libyan man exploded a bomb hidden inside a toolbox at the entrance of the 'Santa Barbara' military barracks in the northern Italian city of Milan.

The 35 year-old Libyan tried to enter to enter the barracks at the same time a military vehicle was entering the gate. However, his car was stopped by a military guard.

The man then detonated a bomb. Some reports said he shouted: "The army must leave Afghanistan!"

The toolbox where the man hid the explosive device contained two more kilogrammes of explosives, and according to reports, it only partially detonated.

The injured Italian soldier was hit by ricochet splinters and received medical treatment on-site. The attack took place at 7:45am local time. Following the attack, the Libyan was taken to the Fatebenefratelli hospital in Milan where he is in critical condition.

The Libyan man suffered severe injuries to his face and eyesight and his hand has been amputated, according to medical sources at Fatebenefratelli hospital.

The man is said to have arrived in Milan aboard a train from the southern Italian city of Naples, although it is unclear when.

"A few weeks ago, during investigations, we overheard (tapped) conversations that referred to the 'via Peruchetti barracks'," Italian MP and chief of the Italian lower house of parliament's national security committee, Francesco Rutelli, told state radio.

Rutelli, however, said the attack "appears to be an isolated act."

The man has been living in Italy for many years and lives with an Italian woman with whom he has three children, sources said.

The woman is currently being interrogated by Italian police.