Monday, October 12, 2009

Free-will marriage couple seeks protection

Another case of death threats against two people from the Religion of Peace for daring to love each other outside of the totalitarian bounds of Islam.

When a child is born into Islam, it is born into slavery with death or a life of hiding from vengeful, self appointed enforcers of Sharia the only ways out.

Hopefully this couple can escape to another country and have a normal life free from Islam.


Free-will marriage couple seeks protection

KARACHI: A free-will marriage couple is seeking protection from the government as they are facing life threats from their families. The couple, Reema and Pervez Khan, told the media that they had gotten married against the wishes of their families, adding that they had been hiding from their parents since then. They said that they got their Nikah read some two-and-a-half years ago without informing their families, adding that when their families found out about the Nikah a few months ago and forced them to divorce, Reema and Pervez fled their homes in the Azizabad and Korangi areas respectively and took shelter at an undisclosed location. They demanded of the government and concerned authorities to provide them with protection from their families, who, they claimed, might kill them if the matter would not be taken seriously as they are unhappy with their marriage. faraz khan