Monday, November 9, 2009

Iranian police 'ready to carry out hand amputation' in return to Sharia punishment for criminals

Well, here's the bottom line of imposing Sharia law:  Cutting off of hands and heads, stoning to death and other brutal executions for any "insult" to, or deviance from Sharia.  The idea that moderate Islam can be accommodated is only good till the most radical and fanatical elements of Islam take over the daily lives of Muslims.  Anyone even remotely aware of the current march of Islamist doctrine in the last 30 years must see that the radicals are taking over countries such as Indonesia, once seen as a moderate semi-secular Muslim country.  The radicals will always win out over the moderates because the Koran makes no allowance of moderation.


Iranian police 'ready to carry out hand amputation' in return to Sharia punishment for criminals
By Mail Foreign Service
Last updated at 11:11 AM on 09th November 2009

The head of the Iranian police force has said that he is prepared to use Sharia law in a bid to cut crime
Iranian police have said that they are prepared to use the full force of Sharia law such as amputating hands, after failure to use such punishments led to an increase in crime.

Under Iran's Islamic law, repeat offenders face amputation of their fingers for theft, but sentences are seldom carried out, especially in public, and in recent years, such sentences have rarely been reported.

'Not carrying the Islamic punishment law, particularly its most important part that is hand amputation, spreads insecurity in Iran,' the head of the country's criminal police force told the Ebtekar newspaper today.
'Police are ready to carry out hand amputation of convicted criminals,' Asghar Jafari added.

The United Nations and human rights activists have criticised Iran for such punishment in the past.
Iran dismisses the criticism however, arguing that the sentences are part of Sharia law.