Monday, November 9, 2009

Obama is Setting You Up: Department of Homeland Security "Muslim Americans Could be Victims"

Obama is Setting You Up: Department of Homeland Security "Muslim Americans Could be Victims"

“One of the things we’ll do is make sure that we’re reaching out to the state and local authorities within the US, because they often have better outreach to members of the Muslim community than we do.”  DHS Secretary Napolitano said.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, the Department of Homeland Security believe it is Muslims at risk after the largest attack on a military base in US history by Muslims. There was no backlash after 911 or after the hundreds of planned Muslim attacks in the US. But the DHS determines the threat is to Muslims. It takes a special kind of mental illness to come to such conclusions.
This is the same DHS that set the extremists were tea partiers, patriots, vets, grandma, .......... you can't make this stuff up.

Janet Napolitano: Muslim Americans Could Be Victims  

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is worried that the Fort Hood Shootings will lead to more acts of terrorism. Okay not really, she’s worried that it will lead to the “victimization of Muslim Americans”. Pushing the talking points of the Obama Administration, Napolitano said that “anti-Muslim sentiment must not emanate from this”. Thank you Ms. Napolitano.
Infiltration is the problem:
He's not alone. At least a dozen other Muslim soldiers have been convicted of terrorism or espionage since 9/11. Here's a sampling: (hat tip Terri)

NAVY SIGNALMAN HASSAN ABUJIHAAD last year was convicted of tipping off al-Qaida to battlegroup movements in the Persian Gulf, including disclosing classified documents detailing the group's vulnerability to terror attack

ARMY RESERVIST JEFFREY LEON BATTLE in 2003 pleaded guilty to conspiring to wage war against the U.S., confessing he enlisted "to receive military training to use against America"

ARMY RESERVIST SEMI OSMAN in 2002 was arrested for providing material support to al-Qaida and pleaded guilty to weapons charges after agreeing to testify against other terror suspects

MARINE ABDUL RAHEEM AL-ARSHAD ALI trained at a suspected al-Qaida camp and was charged with selling a semiautomatic handgun to Osman

ARMY SGT. ALI "THE AMERICAN" MOHAMED trained Green Berets at the elite Swick warfare school at Fort Bragg before stealing classified military secrets for al-Qaida and helping plan the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Africa

ARMY SGT. HAMMAD ABDUR-RAHEEM in 2004 was convicted of terror-related charges

ARMY SPC. RYAN G. ANDERSON in 2004 was convicted of leaking military intelligence to al-Qaida terrorists, including sensitive information about the vulnerabilities of armored Humvees

ARMY SNIPER JOHN ALLEN MUHAMMAD was sentenced to death after fatally shooting 10 in the nation's capital a year after the 9/11 attacks

FORMER ARMY LINGUIST AHMED FATHY MEHALBA in 2005 was convicted of stealing secret documents listing, among other things, the names of al-Qaida detainees from Gitmo

SENIOR AIRMAN AHMAD AL-HALABI in 2004 was convicted of mishandling classified documents as an Arabic linguist at Gitmo

ARMY CAPT. JAMES "YOUSEF" YEE in 2003 was formally charged with mishandling classified information – including maps of a new Gitmo facility – as a Muslim chaplain at Gitmo.

Islamic Terror Attacks on American Soil

We recently got taken to the mat by a polite, young Muslim living in the U.K. who took issue with our oft-repeated statement that no Muslim-American lost their life to vigilante violence following 9/11.  She provided us a list of six or seven candidates and, after whittling out the ones where the killer was unknown or in cases with mitigating circumstances such as “victim was sleeping with killer’s ex-girlfriend” (and we’re not making that up), we reached a shocking conclusion:

We were wrong.

There is one seemingly unambiguous case that occurred in Dallas, Texas where Waqar Hasan, a Muslim convenience storeowner, was gunned down by Mark Anthony Stroman four days after the 9/11 attacks.  Stroman claimed to have been motivated by anger from watching the towers fall.  He is not exactly your average American, however, even apart from the shooting.  For one thing, he is a white supremacist who carried a felony criminal record at the time of the attack.  He also went on to shoot two more people in the weeks that followed.
Thankfully, an American jury sentenced Mark Stroman to death.  The same cannot be said of many Muslim terrorists such as Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, who not only have sanctuary in Muslim countries, but are often treated as heroes by devout followers of Muhammad.

Nevertheless, we acknowledge that our friend is correct and that there was at least one Muslim killed in an anti-Arab hate crime in the U.S. following the anti-American hate crime on 9/11.  For anyone keeping score: