Monday, November 9, 2009

Obama Succumbs to Relentless Patriot Pressure and Lowers the Flag

Obama shows his true colors, once again.


Obama Succumbs to Relentless Patriot Pressure and Lowers the Flag ...No Respect for our War Dead, Just Respect Islam

The White House did not lower the flags to half mast... until a woman got on their case and wouldn't let up. The biggest attack on the largest military base, and the America hater in the White House can't see fit to lower flags. He'll run the Chicom flag up the flagpole, but he can't bring himself to respect the righteous men and women who lay down their lives every day so that he can play basketball with Reggie every afternoon.
Here's the story: 

Thanks to our “embedded Texas patriot” in D.C., Anita Ross, the White House agreed to lower their flags to half-mast in honor of the Ft. Hood massacre.
FYI…the White House/staff had no intention of lowering the flags…in fact, early Friday AM after the “closet Muslim terrorist” had finished his “atrocity against Army” warriors, the flags were raised to “full staff.”
Incensed and incredulous at the POTUS and his staff/subordinates’ complete disregard and disrespect for the dead, dying, and wounded in Texas…flying the Flag at “full staff” in D.C. was unacceptable to Anita Ross…a Patriot from Texas A & M and the mother of a Marine currently serving in Afganistan.

Anita burned up the phone lines in D.C. and in
Texas…Congressmen/women…Governor Perry’s office…White House…all heard from her as she “assaulted the arrogance” of the clueless bureaucrats who mostly despise our military…demanding that honor be shown by lowering the flags.

She was stonewalled, ignored, shunned…everywhere but in Texas.

When it became obvious that the Liar-in-Chief and his team were completely ignorant, insensitive and insipid toward the “atrocity” (not “tragedy”) at Ft. Hood…

When it became obvious that Anita Ross was not going to take “no” for an answer…

When it became obvious that Duty, Honor, Country deserved recognition…

When it became obvious that Americans true to the Red/White/Blue demanded “half mast” honor…

The clowns in D.C. lowered the flags…