Saturday, November 14, 2009

Norway: An intoxicated woman on her own: She's fair game

Here's another story illustrating the negatives of importing Muslims, and by extension, all of their 7th century barbarism and "religious" indoctrination.  Islam and Western society are incompatible, and the sooner the West understands this the better off we will be.  Americans have the model of the Islamification of Europe as a guide to what is coming if Muslim immigration is not stopped.  The question is: will we wake up from our suicidal love affair with multi-culturalism and political correctness, or will we succumb to the Global Jihad?

Where will you be when the Jihad hits the street?


Norway: An intoxicated woman on her own: She's fair game

It seems that most, if not all, of these rapes were committed by African asylum-seekers.

16 of the 17 aggravated rapes and rape attempts in Stavanger (Norway) in the past two years were committed by men of non-Western background. Of the 18 men involved, only one was ethnic Norwegian. The violent rapes included six 'taxi rapes' [ed: these caused the police to advise women not to get into taxis alone].

Police sergeant Tor Erik Riska Thorsen of the Rogaland police district specializes in investigating sexual attacks. He thinks the explanation for why non-Western men are overrepresented in the statistics is simple: An primitive attitude towards women and little openness for sexuality.

Many of the immigrants in Rogaland come from remote areas where a prehistoric attitude towards women is still alive and well, explains Thorsen. This attitude is carried by the men to other countries.

"When a lightly dressed, intoxicated woman gets in alone into a taxi, the starting point is that she's already sinned. A Muslim woman can't do that. Those who attacked and raped women in the street thought that they were within their rights. They saw an intoxicated woman without an escort. She's then considered fair game in some Muslim communities. And by their own perception, the men think that women have no value as witnesses in a criminal case," says Thorsen.