Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Poll: Almost two-thirds want miliary trial for KSM

How many folks want civil trials or military tribunals for foreign Muslim terrorists misses the point that neither should there be, nor need there be, ANY trials for these Islamists.  The disposition of these people is a simple as using the provisions of the Geneva Conventions to hold them until the cessation of hostilities.

Actually, there is no current International law or provisions in the Geneva Conventions for such people.  The concept of internationally organized, stateless combatants was simply not envisioned until very recently with the advent of international Muslim attacks on non-Muslims.  However, some legal structure must be implemented to allow those attacked by Islamists to keep them from re-attacking.  The Geneva Conventions provide an established, internationally recognized format for the disposition of enemy combatants.  Perhaps the wording can be amended to specifically include this new phenomenon of stateless terrorists.

At any rate, once captured, these terrorists need to be isolated from society in general and from normal prison populations in particular.  Many of the current day Muslim converts who are practicing violent Jihad have been recruited for Jihad and converted while in prison.  Time and again, we see instances where somehow, even in maximum security prisons, Muslim terrorists manage to communicate with the outside world and plot even more attacks.

Trials of any kind provide a platform for propaganda and tend to make the judicial process a laughingstock to the rest of the Islamists still free.  Removing a trial as a possibility for captured terrorists also removes the possibility that they might someday be released. Knowing they will languish somewhere at sea until Islamists everywhere halt their Global Jihad, might just dissuade some wannbe Jihadi from taking up the banner of Jihad.

The solution is prison ships.  Most nations are capable of supplying such ships, and if not, the good old US of A can once again come to the rescue by providing the ships from our stock of mothballed Navy boats.  It's pretty hard to imagine a terrorist housed in the bowels of a ship far at sea from either escaping or communicating with outsiders.  And for those bleeding hearts who will immediately cry "human rights", all the living requirements required by the Geneva Conventions for prisoners can be provided aboard ship.  


Poll: Almost two-thirds want miliary trial for KSM
By Eric Zimmermann - 11/16/09 05:00 PM ET

Almost two-thirds of Americans want the Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the other 9/11 plotters to receive a military trial instead of facing a civilian court, a new CNN poll finds

64% of respondents prefer the plotters to be "tried by a military court run by the U.S armed forces," while just 34% prefer the detainees be "brought to trial in a criminal court run by the civilian judicial system."
78% of respondents favor the death penalty for Mohammed, including 19% of respondents who said they "generall oppose" the death penalty but think it's appropriate for KSM.