Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Terror suspects get £600,000 handout for 'living costs'

Like we say out here in West Virginia, this is just wrong.  The British have worked themselves into such a politically correct, multicultural and convoluted position that they are now incapable of effectively dealing with Muslim terrorists and terrorist supporters.  The absurdity of finding people guilty of terrorism and then not being able to deport them beggars belief. 

The US will soon find itself in the same outrageous position if we actually begin importing stateless terrorists from Guantanamo onto American soil for trials.


Terror suspects get £600,000 handout for 'living costs'
Some of Britain’s most dangerous suspected terrorists have received more than £600,000 of taxpayers’ money to pay for their living costs while they have been under surveillance by the security services.

By James Kirkup,  

Political Correspondent
Published: 7:00AM GMT 17 Nov 2009

Abu Qatada Photo: REUTERS

Twenty four suspects placed on control orders have on average received £25,000 each to spend on accommodation, council tax, utility bills and telephone costs, including phone cards, according to official figures.

Since April 2007, the Home Office has spent £611,470 on “living costs” for people put under effective house arrest on the advice of MI5. In addition, the Government is also paying some of the suspects undisclosed sums in benefits.

There are currently 13 suspected terrorists under control orders. Their movements and actions are restricted because the security services believe that they pose a threat to public safety.

They cannot be kept in prison because judges have ruled it would breach their human rights. However, they cannot be put on trial because the security services believe the information that would be used to prosecute them is too sensitive to disclose in court. Instead they are ordered to stay at home, under regular supervision.
Because it is impractical for them to find work, the taxpayer has to pick up the bill for some living costs.