Sunday, March 14, 2010

Islam comes to America.


Mom in Atlanta Accused of Clitorectomizing 10 Month Old Daughter

Coming to America.  Notice the Jewish dhimmi's use of the world "circumcising"  in the below article. This has nothing to do with circumcision. This is an Islamic custom (95% of the girls in Egypt have been clitorectomized.) It is widely practiced in Africa as well.

The metro Atlanta, Ga., woman, Melody Onyonyor, was taken in to custody following the results of an investigation by the Troup County Sheriff's Office and the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS). Apparently, a relative of the baby's father had tipped off investigators, after they had changed the infant's diaper and noticed that the child's genitals had been severely cut.

    Mom accused of circumcising infant girl AJC

    A 35-year-old mother was arrested for allegedly circumcising her 10-month-old daughter, police said.

    The LaGrange woman is currently being held in the Troup County jail without bond, Sgt. Chad Mann told the AJC. She faces female genital mutilation and child cruelty charges, Mann said.

    "A relative changing the baby noticed that she appeared to be circumcised," Mann said.

    The AJC is not publishing the mother's name to avoid identifying the infant.

    The baby was taken to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, where a doctor determined she had undergone some form of surgical removal of the clitoris, Mann said. The baby's father was previously granted temporary custody, and he alerted authorities about the child's injury, police said.

    "She's in perfect health, other than that," Mann said.

yeah right.

    The procedure has no health benefits, and can cause severe bleeding and problems urinating, the WHO states on its Web site