Friday, August 27, 2010

Germany to bring in Turkish police to combat crime in ethnic community

Another extremely bad move by a Western country trying to deal with Muslim "no go zones".  Germany has basically admitted that it's police force is not adequate to deal with Turkish Muslims.  Or put another way, the Muslim population has successfully defied German law.  For Germany to import Turkish police to patrol Muslim areas will lead to even more separation and failure to integrate into greater German society.  The Turkish police will certainly bring all their "old country" corruption and also side with fellow Turkish Muslims against Germany.


Germany to bring in Turkish police to combat crime in ethnic community

Published 23 August, 2010, 08:38

Edited 24 August, 2010, 22:43

Turkish immigrants in Germany are often criticized for failing to fit into the society of the new home which has led to a high crime rate. Consequently, authorities plan to bring in Turkish police to combat the problem.

In a new plan, Turkish police will help their German counterparts deal with troublesome neighborhoods – a scheme which has already faced criticism.

Local resident of old German city Cologne, Krystal Tank feels like a stranger in her own country. Every day she enjoys the summer parks and life in the Cologne suburb when off work, but she feels totally outnumbered.

“It all happened very silently,” she recalls. “The German population moved away, their children were taken out of the schools, and suddenly there were only Turks here,” Krystal Tank told RT.