Thursday, April 21, 2011

Friday trial will decide if pastor can protest at Dearborn mosque

District Judge Mark Somers in Dearbornistan continues to harass Pastor Terry Jones.  Prosecutors now want Jones to post a $100,000 bond for extra police in case there is a riot.  Well, the only people who would riot are the Muslim community, therefore, they should bear all costs of extra police protection for Terry Jones.


Last Updated: April 21. 2011 6:27PM
Friday trial will decide if pastor can protest at Dearborn mosque

Oralandar Brand-Williams / The Detroit News

Dearborn— A seven-person jury on Friday will decide whether a Quran-burning pastor can legally carry out plans that day to protest at the Islamic Center of America mosque.

Florida Pastor Terry Jones expressed frustration over the prospect this afternoon, telling 19th District Judge Mark Somers that "it will be a problem" if the trial stretches on so long that he can't carry out the 5 p.m. demonstration against radical Islam.

Somers impaneled the jury of four woman and three men from a pool of 30 this afternoon after ruling that Jones' protest could endanger the public and would have to pay an unspecified peace bond to demonstrate on a small median outside the Ford Road mosque.

Jones refused to pay the bond and opted for the trial, which initially was believed to occur this afternoon.

The ruling puts into question Jones' demonstration, which has sparked arguments about the line between free speech and public safety. Prosecutors have sought the unspecified bond — Jones said it was up to $100,000 — for extra police in fear of a riot.

The hearing comes a day after Dearborn city officials denied Jones a permit to protest on public land near the mosque citing public safety concerns. They say he could face arrest if he carries through the protest. Before the hearing, Jones — who wore a leather jacket and jeans — said he planned to proceed with the demonstration despite the permitting issues or peace bond.

"This will not stop us," Jones said before the hearing that began at 3 p.m.

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