Thursday, April 21, 2011

Muslims Throw Their Women Overboard Overcrowded Refugee Boats Enroute to Europe

Straight from as only she can say it.  There is no limit to the depths to which Islamic thugs will not descend.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Muslims Throw Their Women Overboard Overcrowded Refugee Boats Enroute to Europe

The opposite of the West is Islam. The opposite of of humanity is the sharia. Remember the Titanic? When the ship was going down, the men put the women and children on the lifeboats and died like men. Here the Muslims throw the women overboard.

Here is an horrific update to this story: New Muslim Immigrants Testing Europe's "Unity" 

    Now we know why we don’t see women among the thousands of Tunisian illegals flooding the Italian Island of Lampedusa BNI (hat tip Carl)

    To prevent the overloaded boats from Tunisia and Libya headed for Lampedusa from capsizing, young males on board have been throwing the women overboard, most of whom apparently drowned. This could partly explain the virtual absence of any women among the Tunisian masses invading Lampedusa every day now

    Le Figaro:
When the small school bus in the town of Ventimiglia stops outside the station, some thirty immigrants take the assault immediately to the rotation to the shelter set up at the end of last week, authorities Municipal. The place is just a few miles from downtown, in a disused fire station in the valley of the Roya.Of the 500 to 600 Tunisians together this day last weekend near the station, only a minority will benefit from the emergency device.

    "We installed 120 cots, and can reach 150 by tightening a bit," said Luciano Cosco, President of Green Cross localThe mayor offers them a meal they can take a shower and spend the night. "For others, it is public parks.  Unless they try to pass that night. Like Mohammed, 29, who worked in hotels, now devastated.  "I've done a few days ago along the coast, he says.  But I was stopped in Menton and extended here.  That night, I go back, insha Allah! "

    All exclusively young men, rather poor and rarely speaking, tell the same story.  As Tarek, 20, left there twenty days of Kairouan. "We were packed in 150 in a boat designed for 60, says the boy.  During the trip to Lampedusa, twelve girls were thrown into the sea. Then I was transferred to Sicily, I escaped and took the train. But now I have no money, so tonight I'm going too the beach. "Their sole obsession: cross the border.

    "Most want to go to France, Belgium, the Netherlands or Scandinavia, confirms Gaetano Scullino, the mayor came oversee operationThis is why we must solve the problem with Europe, it is not only France and Italy. "Meanwhile, the elected official has taken responsibility. "It was the image of our city and the tranquility of my constituents, but it was mostly a humanitarian issue, we could not sit back!" And while his city was the scene of a Saturday demonstration in support of Tunisian immigrants, in which regional organizations of the extreme left have called for the opening of the French border, Gaetano Scullino already feared more.  "Since the government has decided to empty Lampedusa, thousands of Tunisians have escaped the Apulian, and they will come here!

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