Monday, April 11, 2011


I am Sion Owens.

It's time for anyone even remotely concerned with preserving freedom of speech to stand up for Sion Owens.  The man burned a Koran, and made a video of the burning in private, on his own property, and distributed it to some friends, privately, as a means of protest against the Islamic invasion of Britain.

Somehow, that video was given to the Welsh police who have now charged him with committing a "public order offence".

How amazing that the birthplace of British common law and free speech via the Magna Charta has descended to having such a thing as a "public order offence".  The term reeks of totalitarian excesses such as found in the old Soviet Union or Mao's Communist China.

This "public order offence" is being prosecuted for one reason only: the enforcement of Sharia law.  Britain has descended into abject Dhimmitude in the face of the Islamic invasion of "once great" Britain.  Being the obvious symbol of Islam, the Koran is a symbolic target for protest, just as the Bible is a symbolic symbol used by many to protest Christianity.  Neither can be granted special status or protection from those who disagree with the underlying tenets they represent.

So today I too am Sion Owens.  I will not bow to the edicts of Islam, nor will I grant the Koran any more respect than any other collection of scribbles on paper.  If the Islamic invasion of the West is not stopped in its tracks, now, it will become expotentionally more difficult to halt with each passing week.

So today, I am Sion Owens.  And tomorrow, and next year.