Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sharia is Already Here

So goes The Netherlands, so goes America.

Like the Netherlands, there have already been court rulings in Florida citing Sharia law as precedent.  The boa constrictor of Islam is tightening its death grip on Western civilization while we stare into space with the blank look of the condemned.

Soon the snake will devour us headfirst if we continue to allow it to crush us without a fight.  And fight we must.  Islam will not spare us for being Politically Correct or multicultural, it will merly use those false precepts to overpower and force us into submission.  


Monday, April 11, 2011

Sharia is Already Here

Geert Wilders’ political party, the PVV, has exposed the fact that sharia is currently being followed in the Netherlands, not in special sharia courts, as in the UK, but in the Dutch civil courts themselves.

Mr. Wilders has now expressed his vehement public objections to this situation. Many thanks to our Dutch correspondent H. Numan for translating this article from De Telegraaf:

    ‘Sharia already in The Netherlands’

    The Hague — The PVV party demands a ban on the use of Islamic laws by Dutch judges.

    In Dutch court cases such as divorce, children, and inheritance, more and more rules from Islamic countries are used: this is the opinion of the PVV. PVV leader Geert Wilders calls for measures after an investigation by his party.

    “I am shocked by the extensive use of Islamic law within The Netherlands. Not by so-called shariah courts, which do not exist, according to then-minister Hirsh Ballin, but by our own courts, no less.”


    As an example Wilders mentioned a case in 2009 from the court in The Hague, in which a Somali man denied paternity of his child with his ex-wife. This was granted by the court, based on ‘traditional Islamic law’. A magistrate in Utrecht rejected the claim for a divorce of a woman who holds plural Moroccan-Dutch nationality, because according to Moroccan jurisprudence in the Mudawwana [the law governing marriage, divorce, parentage, inheritance, child custody and child rights] first an attempt must be made to reconcile both parties.

    The court in The Hague judged that a Dutch woman, who by marriage to an Iranian also became Iranian, could not claim part of the property after her divorce, because Iranian financial law applied. The couple lived during their entire marriage in The Netherlands.

    There have been cases where a marriage was dissolved by the Islamic legal procedure of repudiating the wife, which was considered valid under Dutch law. “We are talking here about moronic Islamic law in which women were seriously disadvantaged.” Wilders wants action from the cabinet, which is being tolerated by the PVV. “All laws and treaties much be changed in such a way this will no longer be possible.”

    Islamic law can be used in The Netherlands by means of civil law. That sounds logical when, for example a German company does not honor a Dutch contract for a French firm., but it goes apparently much further than that. Only when foreign laws conflict with Dutch laws concerning public order is their application forbidden. “That is just make-believe” said Wilders. “The Islamisation has already begun, also here.”