Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Islamic Hypocrisy in Europe

As it was put so well by THERELIGIONOFPEACE.COM:
If Islam works so well, then why do Muslims want to live in countries built by infidels?

Great essay on the apparent incongruity of Muslims moving to the West and then bitching about western decadence.  But the author misses the point that even the most "moderate" Muslim wishes to see Sharia law imposed on all of humanity.  Since the Koran commands it the faithful must do their best to see that Islam is dominate.  Historically, wherever Muslims go, they make their best effort to impose Islam on the native population. 


Islamic Hypocrisy in Europe

by Khaled Abu Toameh
April 19, 2011 at 10:57 am

European countries are certainly not the right place for Muslims who want to live under sharia law.

Muslims who are unhappy with France's recent decision to ban the veil should find a more suitable place to live, such as Sudan, Saudi Arabia or Iran. There, they would feel free to wear the burqa and the niqab and build as many mosques as they want.

Just as Saudi Arabia bans the construction of a church or synagogue in Mecca and Medina, the Italians and the Spaniards have the right to limit the number of mosques in their countries. Muslims who see the establishment of a church or synagogue in their neighborhood as a provocation have no right to complain when non-Muslims express the same sentiments about mosques.

Would it ever occur to a Christian or Jew to move to Saudi Arabia and demand the right to drink alcohol and eat pork?

Can anybody imagine what would happen to a Christian if he or she were wearing the cross on the streets of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia? Or if a Jew wearing a skullcap were seen walking in the streets of Kabul or Khartoum?

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