Monday, April 18, 2011

Shia News Admits Hezbollah Uses Civilians to Protect Weapons

The only surprise here is that Hezbollah admits that it hides behind civilians while attacking Israel. By doing so, they assume all responsibility under international law for all civilian causalities.

Of course, the next time, and there will be a next time, that Hezbollah attacks Israel from Southern Lebanon they and their useful idiots in the West will blame Israel for any civilian causalities. 


Shia News Admits Hezbollah Uses Civilians to Protect Weapons

by Bill Levinson

Shia News posted an article that, while putting “Israel” in quotes, admits that Hezbollah commits war crimes by using civilians to shield its military assets.

      A Northern “Israeli” Command security source warned 150 Hizbullah field commanders of retaliation in case Hizbullah launches any missiles, after “Israel” claimed Hizbullah is leading activities in 150 villages in South Lebanon.

      The warning stated that if any rocket was launched from any house or area in the said 150 southern villages, the “Israeli” army will then destroy every house or building from where the rockets are launched.

      The Zionist security source added that the “Israeli” army is not responsible for any harm which might affect to the citizens of the Lebanese southern villages.

      The latter is actually correct under international law; Hezbollah is responsible for harm that results from its positioning of rockets in a village, thus making the village a legitimate target.