Friday, July 22, 2011

Bombing, shooting at political rally rocks Norway capital of Oslo

Edit, 07/23/2011. While I was wrong in blaming Islam for these atrocities in Norway, the fact remains that 99% of all mass murders and bombings in the past decade are the result of Muslim jihadists. That an Islamic terrorist group claimed responsibility shows the pervasive belief that all such actions are committed by Muslims.

Islam comes to Norway. This is the reward for Multiculturalism and Political Correctness. The more you give Islam, the more it takes, by force eventually. The more Muslims one imports, the more terrorism one imports. While not all Muslims are terrorists, the problem is telling the pious terrorists from "moderate", non-violent Muslims. Further, the Islamic terrorists could not function in Western society without massive support from the "moderate" Muslims. The moderates are just those too afraid to openly wage armed Jihad and content themselves with aiding and abetting the violence from within the Mosques and "community centers".


Bombing, shooting at political rally rocks Norway capital of Oslo

From: AFP
July 23, 2011 4:16AM

A BOMBING and a separate shooting in Oslo, which appear to have targeted Norway's prime minister and have left at least 11 people dead, are believed to be linked, police say.

Police say seven people have been confirmed dead following a bomb blast outside prime minister Jens Stoltenberg's office in Oslo.

Acting Police Chief Sveinung Sponheim told broadcaster NRK that investigators suspect today's bombing was linked to a shooting spree that killed four people at the Labor Party's youth camp later in the day by a gunman in a police uniform.

The bomb left seven people dead and another 15 injured, two seriously, police said.

Acting Police Chief Sponheim said: "We can confirm that we have seven dead and two have been seriously injured (in the bombing).''

On the outskirts of the city, four people were killed in the shooting.

"From what I saw, at least four people have been shot and killed,'' Adrian Pracon, a participant at the event, said.

The gunman turned up at the event saying he wanted to ensure security there following the deadly explosion in the Oslo city centre earlier on Friday, TV2 television reported, citing witnesses.

Prime Minister Stoltenberg had at one point been scheduled to attend the event, at a summer camp on Utoeya, an island just outside Oslo.

He was due to give a speech on Saturday morning to the 560 people attending the gathering.

NATO, Britain and the US joined together in condemning the 'barbaric' attacks.

The NATO chief denounced the "heinous'' acts against the alliance member's government and ruling party.

"On behalf of NATO, I condemn in the strongest possible terms the heinous acts of violence in Norway,'' said Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

"Our solidarity with Norway remains steadfast. NATO countries stand united in the battle against these acts of violence.''

Police in Oslo warned people to stay at home.

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