Sunday, July 15, 2012

In Pakistan, vigilante attacks on the rise against accused blasphemers

Mob rule rules in Pakistan.  Once again the Muslim hordes have come swarming out to attack some poor soul for allegedly defiling the Quran.  In this case, the mob beat and then burned to death a mentally handicapped man.  Go Islam. 

To those apologists and useful idiots who say this is just ancient tribal reaction, I say why has Islam not done anything to stop this barbarism?  Seeing as how Islam is intertwined with and has dominated every aspect of Pakistani life for 1,300 years, Islam must take the blame for these horrific acts of inhumanity. 

It is well to remember that when one allows Muslims to immigrate to the West, one imports every negative aspect of this backward and barbaric "religion".  In ten years of daily reading of thousands of news reports and security reports, I have not found a single positive aspect of Islam.  Islam and Western society are totally incompatible and will be until Islam is radically reformed or eliminated.


In Pakistan, vigilante attacks on the rise against accused blasphemers

By Michele Langevine Leiby,

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — In many countries, a person talking to himself and ranting against God might well be offered mental health services; in Pakistan, he risks being handed a death sentence.

In the latest example of vigilante justice that has outraged human rights activists here and abroad, an unidentified man accused of blasphemy was forcibly dragged from a police station on the outskirts of a city in Punjab province earlier this month, beaten and burned to death, according to local police, who said his smoldering body was left in a heap on a public street.

The man, reported to be mentally ill and homeless, was picked up by police following allegations that he had burned a copy of the Koran. Pakistan’s blasphemy laws make it a crime punishable by death to insult Islam or the prophet Muhammad or to defile the Koran.

Local officials said some 2,000 people descended on the police station in Bahawalpur, about 10 hours from Islamabad, where the suspect was being held and demanded that he be handed over. Police used tear gas and batons against the crowd but were hopelessly outnumbered.

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