Tuesday, January 8, 2013

More Christian blood in Mosul, car bomb kills Christian university student

It is long past time for America and the rest of Western nations to throw open their doors to all those non-Muslim minorities being murdered and oppressed in Muslim dominated countries.  If we can remove non-Muslims from their current dire conditions at least when the various Muslim sects continue on with their centuries long sectarian warfare, innocents will be safely out of the way.  At the same time, all Muslim immigration into the West must be stopped until such time as the Islamic street can control their radical, violent factions and guarantee future immigrants will not try to impose a global caliphate on all of humanity.

01/08/2013 17:30

More Christian blood in Mosul, car bomb kills Christian university student

The bomb went off in front of a supermarket near the local university. The medical student, who was in his last year of study, was killed instantly. Dozens of other people were hurt in the blast, which caused widespread material damage. The violence, sources tell AsiaNews, is the result of a power struggle between Sunni, Shia and Kurdish groups to divide the country into enclaves.

Mosul (AsiaNews) - More Christian blood was shed today in Mosul, northern Iraq. A Christian university student was in fact killed by a car bomb, a day after the body of a 54-year-old Christian teacher, Shdha Elias, was found, her throat cut.

These deaths, involving members of the Christian minority, are an illustration of the rising tensions in the city and across the country as Sunnis, Shias, Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen vye for power and control.

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