Friday, February 8, 2013

Huffington Post Masks Religious Identity of U.K. Acid Attacker


Huffington Post Masks Religious Identity of U.K. Acid Attacker

Some Muslim women use the niqab to conceal their faces and show off their modesty. Similarly, some newspapers use their articles to conceal reality and show off their dhimmitude. In more ways than one, the century of the veil is upon us.

Consider the case of Naomi Oni, a 20-year-old Victoria's Secret employee who recently suffered an acid attack in Great Britain. Here's part of The Daily Mail's discussion:

    The young victim of an acid attack that left her partially blind and scarred for life has revealed she is not angry at her attacker, but is desperate to understand why she was attacked.

    Naomi Oni, 20, suffered horrific burns to her face, leg, arm and head and was left partially blinded after a person in a niqab threw acid over her as she returned to her home in Dagenham following a shift working at the Victoria's Secret store in Stratford Westfield.

    Naomi, who also lost her hair and eyelashes in the attack, has undergone multiple operations and skin grafts to repair the damage to her skin, hair and eyes.

So the woman who attacked Naomi was wearing a Muslim veil. Even The Huffington Post initially reported that the attacker was wearing a niqab:

    An unidentified assailant severely mutilated a 20-year-old girl on her way home from work in an acid attack in Dagenham, East London.

    According to the Independent, Naomi Oni was walking home from her job at Victoria's Secret on December 30 when an attacker wearing a niqab (a full face veil) sprayed her face with acid. The liquid burned parts of Oni's head, arms and legs, and left her partially blind.

Nevertheless, when the media reported that a woman wearing a niqab had sprayed acid in a Victoria's Secret worker's face, many readers couldn't help but wonder if they were witnessing the beginning of a campaign of violent intimidation against women and businesses not in compliance with the demands of Sharia.

Apparently, the thought of people actually thinking critically about Sharia was too much for The Huffington Post to bear. Check out their latest description of the brutal attack on Naomi Oni:

    A Victoria's Secret shop worker who had acid hurled in her face as she walked home has revealed she feels no hatred for her attacker.

    Naomi Oni was attacked at midnight by a masked woman on December 30 in Dagenham. She has spent the last month receiving skin grafts and nearly lost her sight.

That's right. Oni was attacked by a "masked woman." What kind of mask was she wearing, you ask? A Halloween mask? A ski mask? A gas mask? A hockey goalie's mask? Was she attacked by Catwoman? Or a female Lone Ranger? We'll never know, because the cowards over at The Huffington Post are deliberately leaving out relevant details to keep people from wondering about Islam's impact on Western society. After all, we can't have readers questioning Muhammad's similarity to George Washington, can we?