Saturday, March 16, 2013

Then and now

Then and now.  

One can find many photographs of modernly dressed and university educated Muslim women just a few decades ago.  Afghanistan in the 60’s and early 70’s, along with many of South Asia and Middle Easter Islamic governments were in the midst of a reformation.  Pockets of Islam were actually moving into the 20th century.  But then, the ugly head of pure Islam reared it’s head in the form of the Muslim Brotherhood, Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia and the revolution in Shia Iran.  The Islamic purists in every Muslim majority nation are now consolidating their power over the secular minded segment of their societies.  In other words, Islam is regressing to it’s barbaric origins by becoming more radical, militant and intolerant. 

Islamic violence is feeding on itself and spreading like a plague through Muslims everywhere.  Imams around the world are whipping their congregations into a religious frenzy of hatred for everything non-Muslim. The "Arab Spring" is just another aspect of the overall expansion of radical Islam.  One radical movement is inspiring another in a chain reaction of violence and religious fervor from Algeria to Indonesia and in between.   

As the Islamic world expands and grows in strength, the West continues to willingly walk into Dhimmitude in the hopes of not "offending" or angering the Muslim mobs.  Until the West finds it's backbone and defends itself from the Islamic invasion we will continue to be subverted by our own fears and weakness.  Time is against us.