Friday, April 5, 2013

Right wing group to protest over 'men and women' signs

Good on the English National Resistance (ENR).  It's past time people got out on the street to highlight the sexist and demeaning treatment of women by Islam.  Folks must demonstrate openly against the Islamic invasion and colonization that is taking place in the West and bringing all the negatives of life under Islam.  For every Muslim on a soapbox preaching intolerance and hatred, two defenders of Western society must rise up and counter them.  To stand by and do nothing is to condemn future generations to life under the totalitarian law of Sharia.


Right wing group to protest over 'men and women' signs

9:00am Wednesday 3rd April 2013 in News

A protest is being staged by a new right wing nationalist organisation over what it describes as "sexist and offensive signs" at a Crayford mosque.

Members of the England National Resistance (ENR) are angry the North West Kent Muslim Association’s mosque in Crayford High Street has separate entrances for men and women.

Paul Golding, former BNP councillor for Swanley, is organising for a group of 50 to 100 people to march through Crayford town centre on a date to be decided in May.

It comes following complaints on Facebook about the "sexist signs" and muslims praying in the street outside the mosque.

He said: "The ENR is opposed to the treatment by muslims of women as second class citizens and objects strongly to the NWK mosque in Crayford insisting on a form of apartheid, or segregation, of women in line with Islamic principles that view women as inferior to men.

"To find that fundamental medieval attitude on the streets of Crayford in an ex-Christian church, we were appalled.”

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