Friday, April 5, 2013

Three arrested in Bangladesh for defaming Islam

Once again, a look at what Islamists wish to impose on America.  This is the ultimate aim of any and all "blasphemy" laws being proposed by Muslim groups.  If they can suppress or outright ban any criticism of Islam, the battle to impose Sharia is half won.  There is no right more precious that the freedom of speech for without that, truth can never be fully expressed.  Without freedom of speech, we cannot even name the threat.  Be not fooled by the terminology that these laws apply to all religions.  Once Muslims are the majority, or hold enough political power, the only religion that can be prosecuted for insulting remarks will be Islam.

Frankly, I don't give a hairy rats tail what any Muslim or other jerk off thinks about what I have to say.  Tough titties.  Too damn bad.  Etc. etc. etc.  If Islam cannot stand criticism, then that's Islam's problem, not mine. 


Three arrested in Bangladesh for defaming Islam

Last Updated: Tuesday, April 02, 2013, 18:17

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Dhaka: Three atheist bloggers in Bangladesh were today arrested here on charges of defaming Islam, as the government set up the country's first cyber crime tribunal to prevent exploitation of religion on the Internet.

The crackdown as well as the announcement came two days after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina pledged stern action against people found guilty of defaming Islam using the Internet.

"We are amending both the Right to Information Act and the Penal Code toughening punitive measures for hurting the people's religious sentiments," Law Minister Barrister Shafique Ahmed told a press conference also joined by Home Minister Mahiuddin Khan Alamgir and two state ministers.

Ahmed said that the government constituted the tribunal appointing a judge in the capital while a process was underway to set up identical special courts at divisional cities including Chittagong.

He said a government committee comprising two Islamic scholars was constituted to identify websites which were either exploiting or defaming the religion. The committee had recommended the arrests of the three, who have been sent to seven days remand.

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