Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Under 'vani': Minor girl married off to 50-year-old

Can't make this sh*t up.  This is what Islam like in real life.  Granted, many Muslim countries are not this bad, yet, but the global Muslim community is rapidly being dominated by the most radical, puritanical and primitive forms of Sunni Islam. 

The saddest part of this is that it goes on day after day with no hope of ever changing. 

To those who would say this is not really Islam, I say Islam has had 1,400 years to stamp out these barbaric practices.  And Islam can never change since Mohammed the pedophile incorporated all the worst aspects of 7th century Arabic society when he invented the "religion".  Islam can never change because the penalty for any questioning of the Quran or Sunna is death.


Under 'vani': Minor girl married off to 50-year-old

By Asad Kharal
Published: June 16, 2013


A 10-year-old girl was forcibly married off to a 50-year-old man Malahanwala, Hafizabad under the ‘vani’ custom to compensate for her father’s second marriage in district.

Muhammad Akram, the girl’s father, had abducted a woman named Munawaran Bibi, whom he later married out of love, reported the police. Muawaran was Akram’s second wife.

Following this, the village ‘panchayat’ (court) decided to give Akram’s daughter’s hand in marriage to Munawaran’s middle-aged brother Falak Sher.

The FIR filed by the girl’s uncle reveals that Falak Sher had barged into Akram’s house along with seven other men, including a prayer-leader from a local mosque, and performed a forced nuptial ritual in the presence of Akram’s first wife.

Mukhtar Hussain, an Investigation Officer in the case informed that the young girl had escaped from Falak Sher’s custody and returned to her parents’ home. The process of raids continues to ensure the immediate arrest of the all the accused nominated in the FIR.

The FIR, registered with Police Station Jalalpur Bhattiaan on Saturday, nominates nine persons including Falak Sher, the prayer leader and seven members of the ‘panchayat.’

The area’s people said that the local administration and police had remained tight lipped and reluctant to take any action against the accused. However, police officials claimed that they had registered a case against the accused without any delay when approached by complainants.