Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Swedish Court Hands Out Light Sentence to Muslim Teen Rapists

Sweden is Hell-bent on destroying their society to save the Muslims among them from having to do it themselves.  This is the price of multiculturalism and political correctness.  At its core this refusal to stop the Islamic invasion and rape of its women is the result of craven cowardice in the face of Muslim violence. 

Slap on the wrist sentences for violent rape by Muslims will only encourage more rape.  The article cites the rapists' light sentence is in due to the perps embarrassment  due to their pictures and names being posted on line.  The opposite is actually the truth as they will be hailed as heroic jihadists by the greater Muslim community.

I've said this many times before and I'll unfortunately say it many time in the future:  When you import Islam you import all the evil and violence that goes with it.  There is NO good in Islam.


Swedish Court Hands Out Light Sentence to Muslim Teen Rapists

Statistics show that due to immigration, a Swedish woman now has a one in four chance of being raped in her lifetime.

Mon, June 24, 2013

A light sentence has been handed out to six teenage boys, aged 15 to 17, from the diverse Muslim community in Sweden for raping a 15-year-old girl in a north-western suburb of Stockholm in March. Five of the teens were found guilty of aggravated rape by the Solna District Court, with the sixth guilty of attempted aggravated rape.

Five of the boys were sentenced to over one hundred hours of community service each, and have been ordered to pay 55,000 kronor ($8,500) each, in damages to the victim. The punishment given to the sixth, if any, was not reported.

The reason given for the light punishment was the fact that the boys are minors. The Swedish court also concluded that the boys had already been already punished to some extent by having their pictures and their personal details exposed on the internet.

The attack took place in early March at an apartment in Tensta, where teens took turns raping the girl. Four of the boys confessed but denied that they committed any crime.

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