Tuesday, June 25, 2013

West Australia Police Commissioner Promises To Monitor ALL Emails for Anti-Muslim content

And the Australian kuffar dhimmis continue to enforce Sharia for their Muslim overlords.  

Don't know how accurate this item is and I can't find any other references to this on the net, but Britain is certainly doing it along with other European nations.  Australia already panders to Muslims in many ways at the expense of their sovereignty.

I occasionally served with Australian troops in 1969 in Viet Nam and this subservience to Muslim bullying is totally out of character of the Aussies I knew.   They were  a red blooded, meat eating bunch of guys who took no crap off anyone.  It's a shame their government has buckled to Muslim pressure and betrayed them to a band of 7th century religious fanatics.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

West Australia Police Commissioner Promises To Monitor ALL Emails for Anti-Muslim content

WA Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan is believed to have  promised the Islamic Council of WA that his technology crime division will monitor all emails sent and received in WA for anti-Muslim content.  Given the nature of the Internet that would include emails from any part of the world.

The WA Police website contains an extensive list of what it considers to be cyber-bullying (see below) but the Commissioner seems now determined to extend police powers to include all email communications, and not merely those sent the victim.

Western Australian law imposes criminal but not civil sanctions against racial vilification.
In Western Australia, the Criminal Code was amended in 1989 to criminalise the possession, publication and display of written or pictorial material that is threatening or abusive with the intention of inciting racial hatred or of harassing a racial group.

While Muslims are a religious rather than racial group it may not be difficult to deem acts of religious discrimination as acts of racial discrimination given that the majority of Muslims in Australia are to be found in ethnic minorities.
The Australian Human Rights Commission's "Unlocking Doors: Muslim communities and police tackling racial and religious discrimination together" project is but one example where race and religion are treated as one.

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