Monday, September 2, 2013

Afghan police deaths double as foreign troops withdraw

This is a small taste at what is to come once the NATO forces are gone.  It won't take long for the Taliban to bounce back to their old position of power.  They are in de facto control of about 25% of Afghanistan now. I think we will see a blood bath of revenge that is only seen in Muslim societies.  The Taliban will show no mercy and they will once again impose their purist brand of Salafism with a vengeance.  So in the long run, from a Western perspective, the whole misadventure of intervention will be a total loss of all the lives and treasure lost. 

Perhaps though, this will be a the final lesson that Western ideals and democracy can never be truly integrated into an Islamic society and we will henceforth allow the various Muslim factions murder each other without involving ourselves in 1,300 year old Islamic disputes.


Afghan police deaths double as foreign troops withdraw


Afghan border police keep watch after a Taliban attack at Torkham district in Jalalabad province

KABUL (Reuters) - Police deaths in Afghanistan have doubled this year after withdrawing NATO forces handed security of the war-ravaged country to poorly equipped local troops with less frontline experience fighting Taliban insurgents.

Almost twelve years after coalition forces invaded Afghanistan, swathes of territory are firmly under Taliban control and Afghan troops are still heavily reliant on foreign air support, particularly in remote areas.

Their lighter vehicles make them particularly vulnerable to roadside bombs.

The Afghan government, anxious not to damage morale, has been reluctant to publish regular casualty numbers. It no longer publishes death tolls for the army.

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