Friday, January 17, 2014

Defense Contractor Employed Iranian Engineer Who Stole F-35 Plans

While he was employed by Pratt & Whitney, his security clearance was granted by a Politically Correct Muslim friendly Obama administration.

The ridiculously reduced charges down from what is obviously espionage is an attempt to minimize the public's awareness of the administrations cozy relationship with the Islamist street.

It will also allow a minimum sentence (if any) for Khazaee to return to Iran all the sooner with the knowledge he has in his head.

It's almost as if the Obama administration WANTS him to carry the information to Iran.


Defense Contractor Employed Iranian Engineer Who Stole F-35 Plans

January 17, 2014 by Daniel Greenfield

This is what happens when you employ a man with close ties to an enemy country whose religion tells him to make war on non-Muslims in a place where he will have access to advanced weapons designs.

And this is also what happens when you train large numbers of Muslims from enemy countries in advanced technical fields while clueless Republicans chant about pinning a Green Card on every Third World grad with a degree.

And finally this is what happens when you keep making concessions to an enemy country in the expectation that they want peace as much as you do, when they clearly don’t.

    A dual Iranian-US citizen was arrested in New Jersey last Thursday for attempting to smuggle to Iran the blueprints related to the F-35 joint strike fighter plane, according to US prosecutors.

    Mozaffar Khazaee, 59, an engineer at Connecticut-based defense contractor Pratt & Whitney, reportedly arranged in November for a shipping company to transport 44 boxes labeled “household goods” to his brother-in-law in Hamadan, Iran, via Long Beach, California.

    He was arrested at Newark Liberty International Airport as he was embarking on a trip to Tehran through Frankfurt, Germany.

    The F-35, the Pentagon’s most advanced fighter jet to date, is slated to replace or complement the existing air fleet in the US and several other countries, including Israel.

    Khazaee, who became a naturalized citizen in 1991, was laid off in August during widespread cuts at Pratt & Whitney. According to the affidavit, he has visited Iran five times in the past seven years.

    Khazaee is accused of the interstate transportation of stolen goods worth over $5,000, a crime which carries a fine or 10 year sentence with it.

I won’t bother comparing that to Pollard’s life sentence. You can do the math on your own. More relevantly, a contractor employed an Iranian citizen in a position where he had access to sensitive documents.

How was this security breach allowed to happen and does Pratt & Whitney employ any other dual citizens from enemy countries?