Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Jersey Resident Asef Mohammad Caught in Pipe at Water Treatment Plant

Was this an unsuccessful attack against the American infrastructure by a lone jihadi as recently called for by al Qaeda?  Just a few months ago there was an attack against a electrical power station and a seemingly coordinated attack against a telephone wiring conduit in California, so far unsolved. There was also a spate of unsolved arson fires against forests in California.  Attacks against American infrastructure was recently called for in the al Qaeda on line publication "Inspire" to be carried out by individual jihadis on their own. 

The idea is that it is virtually impossible for the authorities to find out ahead of time that such attacks will take place.  There are literally tens of thousands of miles of unguarded power lines, fuel pipelines, telephone lines and rail lines along with thousands of electrical power stations, pumping stations, and water supply systems that can be attacked by an individual with minimal equipment and knowledge. 

Coordinated attacks by a small team of 3-4 jihadis against power, communication and transportation systems could paralyze large parts of North America like the north east corridor of the East coast. Or for that matter, any major city in the West.

It is certain that more similar type attacks will take place as the global jihad against Western civilization grows and more international jihadis return home after learning their terror trade in places like Afghanistan, North Africa and Syria.


Friday, January 17, 2014

New Jersey Resident Asef Mohammad Caught in Pipe at Water Treatment Plant

Asef Mohammad scaled a fence and climbed into a pipe at a water treatment plant. After getting stuck in the pipe, he began calling for help. Workers were able to free him.

I'm sure he's got a good explanation for trespassing at a plant that provides drinking water for New Jersey residents.

Muslim caught at New Jersey water treatment plant