Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jihadi defies court, court lets him get away with it

This jihadi continues to wage jihad even in the courtroom as he is charged plotting mass murder in the name of Allah.  He is truly a pious and faithful Muslim.  Unfortunately, the prevailing climate of political correctness allows this to go on while he mocks the American judicial system and Western civilization.  I don't know if the judge is just clueless or a total fool.  As to his request for special clothing, an orange jump suit is perfectly adequate and what most defendants wear if they or their family cannot or will not produce their own clothing.  As to his refusal to stand upon the entrance of the judge and jury, two bailiffs should hoist him erect at the proper time. 

Florida: Would-be jihad mass murderer allowed not to stand when judge enters court; demands taxpayer-funded Islamic clothing

Robert Spencer    May 28, 2014 at 4:27pm courtroom jihad, Jihad in the U.S.

He wanted to commit mass murder in the name of Islam and jihad, and now he wants taxpayers to provide him clothing that reflects those same religious beliefs. And when Judge Scriven granted him permission not to stand when she entered, was she aware of the fact that Osmakac’s remaining seated signifies that he doesn’t respect Infidel laws or authorities, but only the law of Allah, and would consider standing for an American judge tantamount to idolatry — showing respect that is due only to Allah. It is, in other words, a statement of complete disrespect for and rejection of the authority of the court and of U.S. law in general. As such, it should never have been permitted in a U.S. court. But the willful ignorance is all-pervasive.

Oh, and Sami Osmakac is not an Arab. It isn’t Arab clothing he wants to wear. It’s Islamic clothing.

Man asks court to provide Arab clothing during Tampa trial,” by Elaine Silvestrini, Tampa Tribune, May 23, 2014 (thanks to Teresa):

    TAMPA — Sami Osmakac is asking taxpayers to provide him traditional Arab clothing for him to wear when he goes on trial next week on charges he plotted a terrorist attack in Tampa.

    Osmakac’s lawyer told a federal magistrate this morning that Osmakac’s family doesn’t want to pay to clothe him in a robe garment called a thobe and a head wrap known as a keffiyeh. Lawyer George Tragos said he couldn’t say why Osmakac wants to wear the clothes. U.S. Magistrate Anthony Porcelli planned to confer with District Judge Mary Scriven about what clothing might be available for Osmakac to wear.

    The judge has previously given Osmakac permission not to stand when the judge or jury enters the courtroom because of his religious beliefs. Potential jurors will be asked whether they can still be fair to him, given that belief.

    Osmakac was also found competent to stand trial, after a court-appointed expert concluded he is able to proceed.

    Jury selection is scheduled to start Tuesday, and the trial is expected to last up to four weeks, including jury selection.

    Authorities allege Osmakac plotted to blow up a popular Tampa night spot and then take hostages and demand the release of Islamic prisoners. He was arrested as part of an FBI sting.

    The defense maintains Osmakac was entrapped and that he was vulnerable to influence because of his mental illness.

There goes the old "insane Muslim" plea again. 

    The defense also asserts that Osmakac was targeted by the FBI partly because of his “radical” Islamic beliefs.

Well yeah, that's what they're paid to do.