Sunday, June 1, 2014

UN: Iraq violence kills 799 people in May

Lets get real here.  Until reports of Muslim's waging jihad accurately report the details, the West will not be able to identify the threat of global jihad.  It's quite the trick to report on Muslim's killing each other over religious  differences without mentioning Islam, jihad or the names of the sects involved.  In this case, it's not "violence" that kills, it's Sunni Muslims killing Shia Muslims over 1,400 year old religious rift.  And again, it's not "militants" it's Muslims killing other Muslims.

The same obscuration of facts is seen when reporting Muslim attacks on non-Muslims. 


UN: Iraq violence kills 799 people in May
June 01, 2014 12:56 PM

BAGHDAD: The United Nations says violence has claimed the lives of 799 Iraqis in May, the highest monthly death toll so far this year.

The figures issued Sunday by the U.N. mission to Iraq put last month's civilian death toll at 603, with 196 security forces killed. UNAMI added that 1,409 other Iraqis, including 1,108, were wounded. Last month's death toll stood at 750.

It added that the worst-hit city was the capital, Baghdad, with 315 people killed. The northern province of Ninevah came in second with 113 killed, followed by nearby Salahuddin province with 94.

The figures exclude deaths in embattled Anbar province, where militants control parts of two cities.

Iraq is experiencing its worst bloodshed since sectarian violence nearly tore it apart following the U.S.-led invasion.