Sunday, June 8, 2014

Kerry: Qataris ‘Aren’t the Only Ones Keeping an Eye On’ the Freed Taliban Leaders

So Secretary of State John ("I served in Vietnam, you know") Kerry assures us that five of the most dangerous jihadis in the world will stay in Qatar for the next year.  Well so what.  These men should never have been released.  They are being held under conditions of the Geneva Conventions which allows them to be held until the cessation of hostilities.  Weather the West admits it or not, war has been declared against it by the Islamic world.


Kerry: Qataris ‘Aren’t the Only Ones Keeping an Eye On’ the Freed Taliban Leaders

By Patrick Brennan

June 8, 2014 10:20 AM

Secretary of state John Kerry expressed confidence this morning that the five senior Taliban leaders released from Guantanamo Bay last weekend in exchange for an American prisoner will be secure in Qatar, where they’ll be held for a year.

Critics of the deal have raised questions about the ability and willingness of the Qatari government to monitor and restrict the movement and activities of the Taliban leaders. Kerry assured CNN, however, that the Qtaries “aren’t the only ones keeping an eye on” the Afghans.

“We have confidence in those requirements” set by the Qatari government, Kerry said, “and if they’re violated, we have the ability to do things.” The Qatari government will prevent the freed militants from leaving the country for a year, but reportedly has been letting them travel around the country.