Saturday, January 10, 2015

How To Stop Islamic Massacres

Diana West nails the solution to the Islamic jihad rolling over Western civilization.


The only way to stop Islamic massacres

Exclusive: Diana West echoes Geert Wilders' prescription post-Charlie Hebdo attack

The Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, France, is a milestone in the progress of Islamic blasphemy law in the Western world.

Charlie Hebdo magazine editor Stephane “Charb” Charbonnier was among the 12 innocents, 10 journalists and two policemen, murdered today in the magazine’s offices by an Islamic military-style assault team. The assassins were enforcing Islamic blasphemy law, the barbarous essence of mainstream, authoritative Islam, against the satirical magazine, which famously included Islam among its subjects for lampoon. Such blasphemy law is embraced by Muslims around the world, and that includes in the United States. In a 2012 election poll by Wenzel Strategies, nearly 60 percent of American Muslims said that criticism of Islam should not be permitted under the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment. A highly alarming 11.5 percent of respondents said that those who parody Islam should be put to death. Another 9.3 percent were unsure.

Charbonnier publicly rejected Islamic blasphemy law. He lived, as he said in 2012, “under French law. I don’t live under Quranic law.” This meant that he and his colleagues lived as free men, but in this new golden age of Islam, that meant they did so under constant threat of Islamic violence (including the firebombing of the magazine’s offices) and also static from their dhimmi media brethren. Such is free life and violent death in a crumbling republic beset by Quranic law and its bloodthirsty enforcers, its quisling government and elites impotent or enabling in the face of the expansionist tyranny of Islam.

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