Saturday, February 21, 2015

Iran Hangs 30 Prisoners in 30 Days, Obama Enabloes Iran to Have Nukes

This is the regime that Abu Obama is enabling to have nuclear weapons and the rocket systems to deliver them as far away as Europe. 

IRAN 30 prisoners hanged in 4 days

Wednesday, 18 February 2015 15:38

NCRI - In the latest wave of executions and repression in Iran, at least 30 prisoners have been hanged in prisons across country since Saturday. The victims included a 60-year-old man that had already spent 20 years in prison.

The executions were carried out in prisons in several cities across Iran. Some executions were carried out in groups.

On Tuesday, a group of six were hanged in Karaj’s Gohardasht prison. They included three men identified as Vahid Lalabadi, Ayob Farhadi, 33 and Amir Davoodi, 39, who had been transferred to isolation the day before. Another prisoner was hanged in Shiraz on the same day.

On Monday, at least 14 prisoners were hanged in the cities of Bam, Uromiyeh and Bandar Abbas. A group of six prisoners were sent to gallows in the city of Bam in southern Iran. A group of five prisoners were executed in Darya Prison in the city of Uromiyeh which included three residents of Kurdistan province and two residents of Azerbaijan province. One of the victims was identified as Rahim Soleimani, 60, who had already spent 20 years in prison.

On Monday, two other prisoners were hanged in Mashhad and one more prisoner was hanged in Bandar Abbas.

On Sunday, four prisoners were hanged in Shiraz’s Adel Abbad Prison and Kerman’s Shahab Prison.

On Saturday, two Baloch prisoners were hanged in Chahbahar Prison and another was sent to gallows in the northern city of Rasht.

Meanwhile, simultaneously with the new wave of executions aimed at rising fear in society, on Tuesday, a group of three men were paraded and humiliated in public in the city of Mashhad without being charged or sentenced.