Friday, March 20, 2015

Egyptian Government Sentences Chief Of Muslim Brotherhood to Death

Unlike Abu Obama, who has infected the higheat levels of the US government with Muslim Brotherhood operatives, Egypt understands the danger of the Brotherhood and is removing them from this life.


Egyptian Government Sentences Chief Of Muslim Brotherhood & 20 Other Jihadists To Death By Hanging
Posted on March 19, 2015 by Theodore Shoebat

The Egyptian government under General al-Sisi just sentenced twenty-one more Muslim Brotherhood members to death by hanging. Amongst the twenty-one sentenced is Mohamed Badie, the chief of the Muslim Brotherhood. Badie and thirteen other Muslim Brotherhood terrorists were found guilty of organizing an “operation room” by which to guide terrorists and mobs to revolt against the al-Sisi government and spread chaos throughout Egypt.

Badie is also standing trial for violence that was done by certain acolytes Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood leader who controlled Egypt before being ousted out by the Egyptian military.

These same terrorists who were sentenced to death were found guilty of planning attacks on police stations, churches, and other private property. The other terrorists sentenced to death are very prominent members of the Muslim Brotherhood, such as Mahmoud Ghozlan, Saad El-Hossainy, Salah Soltan, and Fathy Shehab.

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