Friday, March 20, 2015

Turkish Judge Acquits Rapist, Berates Victim

News from Erdogan's Islamic state of Turkey. 


Rape victim writes heartbreaking letter to judge

March 19, 2015, Thursday/ 16:42:47/ TODAY'S ZAMAN / ISTANBUL

A 15-year-old girl has written a letter to the judge who acquitted the suspect accused of raping her in Karaman, in which she points out that the judge had held her responsible for her own rape.

The teenage girl, identified by the initials Z.C., wrote in her letter: “Your Honor, I cannot express myself in person because you and the police have ridiculed me and what I have gone through, and because I am ashamed of my experience. I am scared that [now] every man is going to rape me. You are a judge; do not yell at me again. Do not scold me. I am a 15 year-old-girl who weighs 38 kilograms. My strength is not enough to overcome the strength of a man. You and the police have placed the guilt on me, saying, ‘Why didn't you put up a fight?' This man is three times my weight and strength. How could you equate my strength to that of a man?

“I was like the walking dead. My only thought was to die. I tried to commit suicide, I couldn't. This is my last testimony. I will no longer come to your court where you act as though you are making fun of me. I leave you alone with justice and your conscience,” she concluded.

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