Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fort Hood brings in radical Muslim to speak on Islam.

This is hard to believe, but true. Juat a few weeks after the Ft. Hood terrorist attack by a Muslim Jihadist, the army is bringing an Islamist onto post to lecture the troops on Islam. Just what the hell are they thinking? or smoking?


Fort Hood brings in radical Muslim to speak on Islam.
By Eeyore
December 8, 2009

Apparently the US government’s vetting procedures are not quite as good as google yet.
The US military, or some component of its leadership seems incapable of learning. Once again, we, the secular rational people of the western world have to depend on CBN, The Christian Broadcasting network, to inform us of the clinical certifiable insanity Western nations including the United States engage in, to sustain the illusion of multiculturalism and moral equivalence. Thank you to CBN for carrying the ball where the highly paid, massively staffed and very powerful ‘main stream news’ cannot and it’s incompetence borders on the criminal of Nuremberg proportions.