Thursday, December 10, 2009

No Cross, But Headscarf OK

Here's another case of a Western government doing Islam's work for it.  When the hell will the West wake up?
No Cross, But Headscarf OK

THE HAGUE, 10/12/09 - Amsterdam's municipal public transport company GVB is not allowing its drivers to wear a necklace with a cross, but it does allow its staff to wear headscarves, De Telegraaf reported yesterday.

Amsterdam tram conductor Ezzat Aziz has been suspended twice because as a Christian, he wore a necklace with a cross on top of his uniform. The GVB forbids the man to display his faith in this way, but does allow Islamic staff to wear a headscarf has symbol of their faith.

Aziz, who came to the Netherlands from Egypt in 1984, is seeking a summary injunction against GVB. "I am being discriminated against. "The GVB does allow female staff members to wear a headscarf as symbol of their faith. On top of this, I have only been forbidden to wear the cross visibly since the beginning of this year, even though I have already been doing this during my work since 1998."

GVB spokesman Petra Faber defends the move: "The GVB has had a new uniform for a year. To ensure a professional image, jewellery may not be worn visibly over the uniform. This applies to all necklaces, regardless of what they look like, or what symbolism or religion they represent."